Why Softer Is Better


Whether you’re apartment hunting, house buying or car buying, getting too many “hard” credit inquiries can be serious issue for applicants whose credit is “marginal.”

Unfortunately, checking credit properly often results in a hard inquiry being recorded. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. Credit agencies generally clump groups of inquires together so that you don’t get dinged for each inquiry within a specific time period. However, for those with below average credit scores, even a drop of a couple of points can make all the difference when it comes to being accepted.

Good News:  We are pleased to inform our applicants that discussions with Experian were finalized last week and moving forward, all credit reports that flow through our system will be considered a soft-inquiry! Almost like it never happened.

Better News:  MetroWest tenants get special pricing. Our regular re-screening price is still great at $15, but MetroWest residents pay just $12. This is to encourage compliance as the MetroWest Master Association continues its participation drive, designed to keep MetroWest one of the safest communities in Orlando.

Best News:  Because annual re-screenings are concerned with looking for new criminal behavior, there is no need to pull credit again. So we don’t. This not only allows us to offer the best pricing, it also means that there is ZERO credit hit for all re-screenings. (Note: Most agencies will pull credit because their system won’t let them easily exclude it, which also means they have to charge a little more.)

Just 3 more ways to ensure your tenants won’t hate you. You’re welcome!~