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The Challenge of Screening

The real estate crisis of 2007-2008 produced unprecedented levels of investor-ownership around the country. In Florida, where condo conversions were popular, large numbers of owners began renting to poorly qualified tenants.

In nearly all instances, the variability of owner and property management company’s screening practices has caused many community associations to develop their own application processes. This takes CAMs outside of their traditional roles and provides challenges, among which are speed, accuracy, quality and cost.

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If you’re looking for a seamless strategy to improve the process, including annual re-screenings, Metro Screening can help drive the process.

Garden style condo conversions: Metro Screening offers a number of options. From tenant initiated screening, where the tenant pays and completes the data input, to bulk screening which we perform, according to your criteria, the choice is yours.

Mid-rises & high rises: Partner with Metro Screening as your preferred screening provider. We’ll take away the headache and provide recommendations according to your policies.

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Many HOAs struggle to find a screening provider that will work with them according to their needs. Metro Screening is here to help.

 By having a preferred provider, you can guaranty the end product and make sure that all applicants are treated fairly. 

Our partnerships allow us to provide direct support to many HOAs. We have the ability to assist with compliance issues and our site provides a funneling mechanism through which owners and tenants can find a quick and inexpensive method of getting the job done. 

Metro Screening offers a number of options. Talk to us about how can help alleviate your headache.


A Partnership Approach To Screening

What are our screening options?

Annual re-screening: Some home owner associations now require this at lease renewal. Includes: criminal background only.

Full online screening: A great option if you already have a completed application form and will conduct your own employment check & prior landlord references. Includes: nationwide criminal background, eviction check, collections, name alias / SSN search, credit score, sex offender registry, Rent Bureau and more. 

Full application: All of the above, plus a completed application form, prior residency check & current employment verification. Recommended for landlords renting to unknown tenants for the first time. 

OptionWe’ll take away the headache and provide “Approved,” “Conditional” or “Denied” recommendations according to your policies.


How do I initiate a screening?
  • Decide which type of screening you would prefer and direct applicant to this website to get started.
  • Provide the applicant with your email address so that you are notified upon completion.

This “tenant initiated” method provides you the most protection since you will not have to collect application fees, consent forms, or worry about the legal vagaries of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

For other options, including bulk screenings, please contact us.

Who pays for the screening?
  • You can charge an application fee and we can invoice you to conduct screenings;
  • You can simply direct the tenant back to this site where they will initiate the screening – and pay for it themselves. You will receive a copy of the report once complete.

Contact us to discuss the various options available.

When will we receive the results?

It depends which background check is selected. Annual re-screening checks / online only background check results are usually made available the same day. A full background with prior residency checks & current employment will take longer, depending on the accuracy of information provided and the speed with which landlords & employers respond. We can usually complete this process within 24-48 hours.

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