Meet Experian Credit Boost

A good credit score is indicative of so many things. Property managers know this all to well. And it’s the thing that sinks most tenants.

Experian has created a great program that can lend a helping hand. Their Credit Boost program can help an individual bump up their FICO scores.

This program is quick to join and free for consumers. According Experian, the average user saw a boost of 13 points by enrolling.


Improve your credit score



What Is Credit Boost?

This program uses other metrics to increase a consumer’s score compared to the traditional methods of raising credit scores. It works by using everyday bills as a way of increasing one’s score. As most people are aware, there is no credit given for paying things like utility and phone bills on time. Credit Boost works as a way for people to get credit for paying such household bills one time. This is great for someone with little to no credit, or someone who needs to improve their credit score.


Sign up is easy

  • Go to Experian and input their banking information.
  • Select which bill payments should be reflected in their score.
  • Instantly witness the boost to their score!

Benefits of Using Credit Boost

Credit Boost is free. No catch, no hidden fees. Once a person is signed up, their score boosts as soon as they select the bill they want included in their payment history.

Many credit repair companies charge thousands of dollars to fix credit issues. The vast majority of those items on their reports are things they could fix themselves. Credit Boost gives people a seamless way to boost their score and save time and money.

For residents or applicants that need help raising their scores, Experian Credit Boost may be just the solution they are looking for.