Keeping Communities Safer


Annual re-screening is a relatively new concept. The idea is that tenants wishing to renew their leases must undergo screening for criminal behavior on an annual basis. The idea is to keep the community safe.

MetroWest is one of Orlando’s prettier sub-divisions, and the main reason it stands out from its neighbors is largely due to the work of the MetroWest Master Association (MWMA). The MWMA requires that all of it’s tenants undergo annual re-screening for criminal activity.

Understandably, this can create some friction with tenants. So we created a new screening module that allows tenants to initiate screenings themselves in a way that’s both easy and affordable. The system verifies their identity and screens for nationwide criminal activity in all 50 states. We then mail the report to the HOA, property manager, or owner. The job is done and paid for in under 5 minutes. And the entire process can be completed on the applicants mobile device.

With scores of re-screenings complete within the first month, it seems clear that the process is working. Pushback is low and many property managers have expressed gratitude for a simple mechanism that gives them one less thing to worry about, while keeping them in compliance.

Metro Screening was designed with the goal of creating safer communities, one screening at a time. We help owners and managers get the screenings they need, and we work in conjunction with HOAs and COAs to drive the process of compliance by making screenings both affordable and simple to initiate.

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