Low Conflict Screening


Keeping communities safe, comes down in large part, to owners and investor landlords screening their prospects properly. Too many owners are confused by the tenant screening process – or are desperate enough to take a check from the first person that offers them one.

Likewise, not all property managers are created equal. Some do a great job of vetting their applicants, others do the bare minimum.

Realtor and clients

For these reasons, some home owners associations have begun taking matters into their own hands, requiring that all applicant’s submit to their own screening process, regardless of what checks their landlord or property manager may have done.

While understandable, this knee jerk reaction can cause duplication of paperwork, fees and processes which is burdensome to tenants. Most tenants willingly accept a single round of paperwork and fees but now many are being saddled with not just one, but two sets of inquiries – and two sets of application fees. As a result, many home owners associations are beginning to experience pushback as they attempt to turn tenant applications into revenue streams.

“I understand that I have to be vetted,” said Mary, a tenant applying for a condo in Orlando. “I already paid a $70 application fee to my property manager for that. I had my credit and full background check run, plus employment and landlord reference – but now this condo refuses to accept my screen and they want to do it all over again – this time for over $100 – purely so they can make money off my back. It’s not right.”

Metro Screening was creating with the goal of creating safer communities, without the conflict being generated by so many home owners associations. We help owners and managers get the screenings they need, and we also work in conjunction with HOAs and COAs to drive the process of mass compliance by making screenings both affordable and simple for tenants – without the need to do everything twice. For more information on effective, low-conflict screening, email: Verify@MetroScreening.com.