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Evictions Are Expensive

Bad tenants are a nightmare. Unpaid rent, unauthorized guests, endless repair requests  – or perhaps you’ve experienced the joy of carpet & baseboard damage due to a pet you never knew about.

If you purchased in a home owners association (HOA) or a condominium (COA) then you might also be experiencing pressure to have your tenants re-screened before they are allowed to renew their lease. 

The truth is that while most landlords are responsible, most simply don’t know how to go about effectively screening their prospective tenants. And it’s harder still for out-of-state investors and international owners.




To Mitigate The Risks?

What are my screening options?

Annual re-screening: Some home owner associations now require this at lease renewal. Includes: criminal background only.

Comprehensive online screening: Direct your tenant to this option if you already have a completed application form and will conduct your own employment check & prior landlord references. Includes: nationwide criminal background, eviction check, collections, name alias / SSN search, credit score, sex offender registry, Rent Bureau and more. 

Full application: All of the above, plus a completed application form, prior residency check & current employment verification. Recommended for landlords renting to unknown tenants for the first time.

How do I initiate a screening?
  • Decide which type of screening you would prefer and direct applicant to this website to get started.
  • Provide the applicant with your email address so that you are notified upon completion.

This “tenant initiated” method provides you the most protection since you will not have to collect application fees, consent forms, or worry about the legal vagaries of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Who pays for the screening?

Tenant(s) pay for and initiate the screenings. Nothing for you to do except sit back and wait for the results. (If you’ve already charged an application fee, you can simply credit them on their next rent payment.)

When will I receive the results?

It depends which background check is selected. Annual re-screening checks / online only background check results are usually made available the same day. A full background with prior residency checks & current employment will take longer, depending on the accuracy of information provided and the speed with which landlords & employers respond. We can usually complete this process within 24-48 hours.

Rental Refs



Credit Score

Sex Offender

Rent Bureau


ID / Alias



 Professional Local Property Management

Learn More About Management

For many owners, there comes a time when enough is enough. So if you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to let a professional handle the headaches, just let us know.

If you’re in Central Orlando, we can screen your applicants and offer property management. Just click this box to learn more. If you’re elsewhere in the country, we can refer you to one of our partners at no charge.

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