Tenants / Applicants

MetroWest, Orlando
MetroWest is a planned community run by the MetroWest Master Association.
Applicants are required to sign, and abide by their Crime-Free addendum.


MetroWest Preferred Pricing Schedule

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Who is charged for the screening?

You will be invited to pay for the screening with a credit/debit card at the end of the process. If you have already paid an application fee to  your landlord which includes screening, then ask about claiming this back from your rent. Please have your ID, SSN, landlord email and payment method ready before beginning.

How long does it take?

It depends which background check is selected. Annual re-screening checks / online only background check results are usually made available the same day. A full background with prior residency checks & current employment will take longer, depending on the accuracy of information provided and the speed with which landlords & employers respond. We can usually complete this process within 24-48 hours.

Who receives the report?

During the application process, you will be asked to provide the email address of the person with whom you need to share the report. This will usually be your landlord / HOA association. Make sure you have that email address before you begin. They will be notified once the report is ready.


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